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Designed to help relieve the visible signs of red, sensitized skin, the visible symptoms known to be associated with rosacea. ZO® redness products also help to reduce the appearance of excess surface oil and exfoliates skin to prevent signs of premature aging.

ZO Skin Health rozatrol

ZO Skin Health Rozatrol

ZO Skin Health Rozatrol is a hero product of ZO Skin Health’s line of products by offering relief to the visible symptoms of Rosacea. This normalizing product reduces excess oil which is a key trigger to Rosacea and can often lead to inflammation. Rozatrol provides an enzymatic exfoliator which is ultra mild to reduce excess oil and hs anti-microbial benefits.

Rozatrol helps to repair your skin’s barrier function and the antioxidant protection reduces inflammation from environmental and oxidative stress.

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