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What is Rosacea? 

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is linked to an impaired barrier function of the skin. It is recognised by facial flushing, sensitivity, telangiectasias (dilated blood vessels), papules and persistent redness and/ or burning sensation.

Potential causes of Rosacea

  • Unstable blood vessels- Flushing, redness and telangiectasias may be related to an abnormality in the facial blood vessels. This may be related to UV exposure. 

  • Demodex mites-Dermodex mites live on human skin, usually without any consequences however, research has shown that people with Rosacea has 10 times as many Dermodex mites on their skin.   Once the mites die, they release bacteria onto the skin which trigger an immune reaction leading to redness and inflammation. 

  • Genetics- Up to half of people with Rosacea have a positive family history of the condition. 

  • Helicobacter pylori (H.Pylori)- A bacterium that can cause stomach and intestinal infections. It triggers the production of bradykinin, which causes blood vessels to dilate. H.Pylori may therefor be a factor for people with Rosacea and the development of Rosacea. 

  • Irritants- Products with fragrance, alcohols, abrasives and other irritants can cause skin inflammation, flushing and irritation. 


What is happening in the skin?

​The disruption of hydrolipidic barrier allows for an increased transdermal water loss which in turn allows for an increased permeability of irritants such as bacteria. This reduces effective oxygenation of the skin cells and decreases its resilience.


Targeted actions for Rosacea treatment.

  • Antioxidant protection which supports cellular protection. 

  • Strengthening blood vessel walls and manage bacteria. 

  • Rebuild the hydrolipidic barrier. 

  • Protect against UVB & UVA damage. 

Your journey to glowing and healthy skin will begin with a thorough skin consultation discussing your skin concerns and your current skincare regimen. Your skin will be assessed and based on your skin type and skin concerns a bespoke treatment plan will be designed. This can include a combination of in clinic chemical peels, microneedling and home care treatments. 

You can purchase products during your consultation or online and they will be delivered to your home. 

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