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Self-care is not a dirty word!

If there was anything positive to take away from 2020 is the importance to take care on what really matters, this includes ourselves.

So many of us are leading hectic and stressful lives and juggling multiple hats of responsibilities at any given time so what WE need becomes un-important. With the risk of sounding corny, even with the best intentions no one can pour from an empty cup! Eventually it will all catch up with us and can manifest as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and poor life choices and eating habits just to name a few. However, self-care and self-love is not a "automatic or natural" setting for many of us and will require a change in how we think, refocus our priorities and goals and take active positive steps towards achieving this.

Most New Year's i'm busy setting myself goals for the year, which by large are focusing on negativities such as "I must loose 3 stones by..." I will run every day to stop being so flabby" etc etc.

On reflection what am I really telling myself here? im loud and clear in sending my brain the message that im not good enough and by feeding myself all this negativity im ultimately setting myself up for failure which will only reinforce the initial message that "im not good enough".

So this year im focusing on how do I want to live my life to feel happy, healthy and strong and im focusing on.

  • Stop criticising myself, I AM GOOD ENOUGH just the way I am

  • I will delegate or share tasks with my family to create more time

  • I will go outside for fresh air every day

  • I will take time more time away from electronic devises

  • Read more books

  • Try to set up a regular routine with sleeping habits

  • Eat less processed food to feel healthier

  • Exercise to release "happy" endorphins and feel stronger

  • Make a conscious effort to focus on all my "haves" and less on my "have nots"

I may not achieve all of this in one week and my goals may change as I go along but that's OK.

To start myself off i have spent a lovely chilled Sunday with my family going for a cold and snowy hill walk to clear away the cobwebs, did some food prep for the week so I have to spend less time cooking when we are all busy. I'm rounding the day off with a cheeky little microneedling and facial treatment and a good book.

What positive steps will you take today towards feeling good about yourself?

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